Using Adobe’s Color Website Tool

Nigel Danson‘s most recent YouTube VLOG titled, A SIMPLE guide to COLOUR editing in Lightroom + HIDDEN Adobe tool! introduced the Adobe Color website, which appears to be a remake of the Kuler Adobe website and similar to the color theme extension that use to be part of Photoshop and other applications in the Adobe Creative Community, […]

The Wave Plan

After years of entering the wave lottery, I finally won a trip in November 2021.  Excitedly I made the journey to Kanab in Southern Utah.  The plan for the 2022 trip to Southern Utah and Northern Arizona area centered on locations nearby to my upcoming hike to the Wave.  Looking at the well documented website […]

The Unimaginable White Pocket

This was a location I have longed to visit.  When I found that I had won the online lottery to hike the wave, I decided that I should try and visit White Pocket, since the entrance onto the road is just South of the Wire Pass Trailhead on House Rock Valley Road as shown below. […]

Discovering Edmaier’s Secret

The plan for the 2022 trip to Southern Utah and Northern Arizona area centered on locations nearby to my upcoming hike to the Wave.  Looking at the well documented website for adjacent locations of interest I found some intriguing  information about this area known as Edamier’s Secret, which is East off the Buckskin Gulch […]

Photography Options for Cathedral Rock

One of the dominate geological features found in the Sedona area is the ever popular Cathedral Rock, which is often used as a wedding photo shot backdrop and a location where numerous day hikers climb to take one or two breath taking Instagram photos from between the two pinnacles. In the winter of 2021, in […]

The Optimum Landscape Photographer’s Gear List

This article considers the optimum gear list from two perspectives: Recommended gear to enable dynamic photographic shooting opportunities during day and night; Ultralight options to lighten the load when the desired photo is in  a remote location and you don’t want to wear yourself out For this article, I will approach building a gear list […]

Photographing the Goosenecks

Situated in southeast Utah, north of Mexican Hat and east of the Valley of the Gods (see below map) is a unique landscape feature formed from over 300 million years of geological activity.  Here, you’ll find that the San Juan River has carved out a series of tight turns, referred to as goosenecks, below the […]

Why I am a Sony Photographer

My photography interests began in the early 70s, while in high school when I bought a Minolta SRT-101 Single Len Reflect (SLR) camera that provided TTL (through-the-lens) full aperture  light metering. I loved the ability to calculate light exposure without having to carry a hand held light meter. I can’t remember what made me want to […]

Photography Categories

If you happen to do a web search you might notice that there isn’t a 100% consensus on photography categories or genres, which is why I am making this post.  When I started putting together this website, I noticed WordPress offered an option to select a category for galleries, posts, and portfolios.  So it seemed […]

My New WordPress Theme

I had been using a theme that was really cool in some aspects.  It had built into the standard theme the ability to map images and display EXIF data.  These are features I really like and I might of stayed with this them, but the theme provider stopped updating it.  So I decided I needed […]