Photography Categories

If you happen to do a web search you might notice that there isn’t a 100% consensus on photography categories or genres, which is why I am making this post.  When I started putting together this website, I noticed WordPress offered an option to select a category for galleries, posts, and portfolios.  So it seemed worthwhile to add into this category list the photography categories that would be used to organize the photos and posts, as illustrated in the featured image.  The aim isn’t to attempt to canonize photography categories as an effort to provide clarity or standardization of these genres, but merely to define the categories used in this website.

My photography preferences center on a few general categories: cityscapes, landscapes, nightscapes, and travel photography.  There are also other photographs in my files of statues, ruins, seascapes, sculptures, and with Native American attributes.  So here is photography categories in use on this website:

So if you browse this website, keep in mind that these categories are those that you will find used.


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