Edmaier’s Secret Statue

On this trip to the Utah and Arizona border area, I wanted to explore a location known as Edmaier’s Secret. For me, this area would hopefully offer some uniquely interesting geological formations that intrigued my interest to see and photograph. My map recon showed indicated that there were these lines of stone pushing above the sand. Web blog articles read indicated these linear outcroppings just might be lattice-type sandstone features that could be captured into an interesting image, like this image.

Some of the outcroppings, are a bit harder to find and entail hiking with some scrambling up the mounds in this area.  This image is in a small rise in the open area prior to entering Buckskin Canyon narrows.  I have plotted on the below map the location of this feature.  Another bonus is that Edmaier’s Secret Turret is adjacent to it.

What I like about this particular photo has to do with the capture angle that made this particular outcropping look like a hand coming out of the ground or a statue of a saint with a raised hand.  Moving around lost that impression.  

This image is a cropped photo from a landscape layout to a square. This image was hastily composed and shot from a handheld position. Just seeing some fresh mountain lion tracks in the wet sand of a nearby stream was promoting my desire to leave the area.  So I quickly shot this image, packed away this camera, and hiked out.

What interested me about what I shot was these residual outcroppings of what was a more prominent linear structure. However, this particular shot sort of made the dominant element look like some sort of lattice statue. Since this shot was dealing with the hardness of the afternoon light, the photo, unfortunately, had some dark shadows, that I would have preferred weren’t there.

When I cropped the image, the extracted color theme changed from three blue elements to three light brown elements. One tone, the more yellow tone’s saturation was at the brightest end of the spectrum due to the harsh light radiating the sand in the area. The rest of the primary theme colors indicated a complementary color relationship between the landscape tones and the color tones. PhotoPills wasn’t used until afterwards to maintain the planning should I elect to return, which is what I am hoping to do. 

Picture Info
October 24, 2022
1:56 PM MST
Sony ILCE-7RM3
FE 24-240 mm
40 mm
1/1600 sec
No Flash
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