Wave Selfie

For years I wanted to visit the wave.  This of course is a popular spot where individuals come to capture a selfie.  So here is my selfie.   The purpose of taking this selfie was to celebrate to family and friends that after my long wait to get a permit and after getting blocked from visiting last year by an ice storm, I finally made it.

Now let me explain how I took it.  While my pose here is with my iPhone acting like I am taking a picture, which I am actually doing.  However, instead of taking a picture with my iPhone, I am actually using a remote trigger application to have my Sony A7RII take a picture of me using Sony’s smartphone app Imaging Edge Mobile.  For those Sony camera users, Sony offers support with the Sony cameras that will work with Imaging Edge Mobile at this website and a YouTube video on how to connect your camera to the app running on an Android or iPhone

Since the wave is within what appears as a bowl because the trail entrance into the wave is almost perpendicular to the typical shoot position must take.  The mound bases mask the slots between those mounds as shown in the below image.  

With this image framed without any sky, I expected shades of brown would dominate the color theme in an analogous manner, as revealed in the below color theme image.  The dark varnish stains were the only tone expected to be high with saturation, as was my shadow.  All other analogous tones were almost equal in saturation and well-balanced.

Picture Info
October 25, 2022
11:55 PM MST
Sony ILCE-7RM3
FE 16-35 mm
24 mm
1/250 sec
No Flash
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