Wave Selfie

For years I wanted to visit the wave.  This of course is a popular spot where individuals come to capture a selfie.  So here is my selfie.   The purpose of taking this selfie was to celebrate to family and friends that after my long wait to get a permit and after getting blocked from […]

The Second Wave

A visit to the Wave should also entail a short walk up the ridge line and over to an area just to the South less than a quarter mile to the Second Wave, which is featured here.  The Wave info website suggests that this location is best shot late in the day, preferably during the […]

Sunset Stepping to the White Pocket Citadel

As evening appeared, White Pocket began the nightly tonal transition from bright sunlight through golden and blue light to nighttime.  This image was taken at that special transition of refracted light from the last remaining sunset bouncing off of Altocumulus mid-level clouds that caused the slight reddish tone of the sand on the right of […]

Edmaier’s Secret Turret

I had packet up my camera gear and was heading out of Edmaier’s Secret after finding fresh mountain lion tracks in the smoothed wet sand, when I came across this formation.  Since my whole purpose of this visit was to recon the area for a future shooting visit, tune up my shooting skills for the upcoming […]

Edmaier’s Secret

This was the first hike into the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness Area.  It was a location that I really wanted to explore.  Web articles write of different types of sandstone formations.  Some of lattice type formations of crisscrossing thin sheets of sandstone, there are these irregular layering that is visible on slops, and then these […]

Edmaier’s Secret Statue

On this trip to the Utah and Arizona border area, I wanted to explore a location known as Edmaier’s Secret. For me, this area would hopefully offer some uniquely interesting geological formations that intrigued my interest to see and photograph. My map recon showed indicated that there were these lines of stone pushing above the sand. […]

A White Pocket Golden Morning

This was one of my last photos taken on my visit to White Pocket.  This mound is one of the most photographed landmarks at White Pocket.  While I was taking photos this morning, I enjoyed the company of a professional photographer from Korea. He and a coworker had been camping here and taking images during […]

White Pocket Sunrise

I had reconned this location the night before.  It was my planned milky way photo to capture that mound at night, which an overcast sky denied.  See my White Pocket Sunset page, which shows the cloud cover.  However, that concept would have been cool, if I could have also capture the milky way reflecting in […]

White Pocket Sunset

Returning late back into the White Pocket area missing  the evening golden hour I  centered my attention on framing up this image mostly because of the interesting cloud structure. Isn’t that ripple on the left side of the mound exceptional?  This image is a composite of six photos.  Three photos of the sky at 2 […]

White Pocket Steps

During this early morning blue hour period the dominate East side mound can be found gaining some of the first morning light of golden hour, while the foreground still retains a bit of the blue cast. This is series of 8 images with an exposure range of 3.2 to 1.3 seconds with a -7/10 exposure […]