White Pocket Sunset

Returning late back into the White Pocket area missing  the evening golden hour I  centered my attention on framing up this image mostly because of the interesting cloud structure. Isn’t that ripple on the left side of the mound exceptional?  This image is a composite of six photos.  Three photos of the sky at 2 stops intervals were merged together and three other photos were taken of the landscape with five second intervals for an average of 15 seconds and also merged.  Then the two composite images were blended.  Post processing shows that this composite image resulted into brightness value of -0.91.  Since this was blue hour, I expected tints of blue would be part of the dominate color theme, as revealed below in the extract color theme.  As expected the majority of the extracted theme colors ranged in the blue tones, except for light salmon (#F281A2).  The tonal ranges also were very low in saturation, but that is to be expected for a blue hour image.   What is interesting is that the color extracted theme took colors from the center of interest in the image as revealed in the color theme mapping below.  PhotoPills was used to frame this composition.  Luck prevailed with the cloud front provided some reflected light to lighten the top of the mound.

Picture Info
October 26, 2022
6:56 PM MST
Sony ILCE-7RM3
FE 16-35 mm
16 mm
15 sec
No Flash
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