Wave Entrance Reflection

An early morning arrival at the wave offers an excellent moment that is often unencumbered by other hikers to capture a reflection of the Southwestern mound in the draw between two mounds.

Edmaier’s Secret Turret

I had packet up my camera gear and was heading out of Edmaier’s Secret after finding fresh mountain lion tracks in the smoothed wet sand, when I came across this formation.  Since my whole purpose of this visit was to recon the area for a future shooting visit, tune up my shooting skills for the upcoming […]

Photographing the Goosenecks

Situated in southeast Utah, north of Mexican Hat and east of the Valley of the Gods (see below map) is a unique landscape feature formed from over 300 million years of geological activity.  Here, you’ll find that the San Juan River has carved out a series of tight turns, referred to as goosenecks, below the […]