Angel of Death Spire Points to the Henry Mountains

The Angel of Death spire, which is often overlooked by travelers that walk further North to the Long Don Sliver (Lone Spire) for their popularity seeking Instagram image. This spire has always been a desired shot. On my third visit to this site while I was in the area shooting other pictures, I found nice clouds passing overhead as the sun rising in the East.

Kansas City Temple Sunset

This is a return visit photo.  I was here the previous evening to capture the supermoon.  I had elected to come back to see if I could get some other images.  While I was waiting for the moon to come up, I took several photographs as the sun was setting.  I remembered how nice this […]

Kansas City Temple Supermoon

This is a location that I have photographed before.  This temple and others, in my view, offer pleasing architecture with excellent lighting and landscaping that is a big plus to the photographer.  This has been a temple that I have wanted to try and photograph with the moon behind the Angel Moroni.  Little did I […]

Sturgeon Supermoon Over Kansas City

Over the years this has been one of my more frequent shooting locations.  I like the reflection of city lights and the moon on the Missouri River.  Because Kaw Point is at the confluence of the Kansas and Missouri Rivers the river banks are extra wide allowing a greater exposure of the cityscape as it rests […]

Kite Hill’s Cityscape

A movie favorite with my family is 10 Things I Hate About You.  The movie supposedly takes place in Seattle.  A previous trip to Seattle allowed me to visit the famous Fremont Troll which was used in that movie, but that was a trip without a rental car.  So I only went there.  The Gas Works Park […]

A Seattle Night Revealing Mt Rainier

This image is a continuation of my time at Kerry Park.  Just like my earlier captured golden hour image, this composition was from that exact camera position, which offered a prominent shot of the Seattle skyline with Mount Rainier in the background above the tops of smaller buildings.   From golden hour through blue hour into […]

Seattle Skyline with Mt Rainier

With my business trip ending, I took a chance to visit Kerry Park.  The composition from Kerry Park would offer a prominent shot of the Seattle skyline with Mount Rainier in the background above the tops of smaller buildings.   This location is referred to as the postcard shot and it is ever bit of […]

A Post Super Bowl KC Blue Hour

The Saturday evening after the Super Bowl the Kansas City lights proudly glow in red to celebrate the Chiefs achievement.  This image was taken atop the National World Ward I Museum and Memorial on the Liberty Memorial Tower’s patio on the Northeast side.  This was a very crowded situation with both photographers and social media […]