Sunset at the Beach with a Dad and Daughter

While enjoying a family vacation to Del Mar and San Diego, I walked out to Fletcher Cove Beach to enjoy the sunset. While shooting my self portrait used in my Flickr header, I happen chanced on this dad and daughter enjoying the sunset. What I like about this photo is how they lead you to the sunset and each are at a distinct layer in the picture.  This is one of my early images taken using Sony SLT-A65V.  I acquired not long before making this trip.  We had elected to take a spring break vacation to Del Mar.  I took a lot of pictures of these two wile I was looking to find the right composition.  Finally the your girl paused from retreating backwards from the waves and stoped for a moment to appreciate being at the right spot where incoming waves just covered her feet.  The downside on this image was it wasn’t taken in RAW, but my camera settings were on JPG.  At the time, I was still learning about digital photography and didn’t understand the importance of RAW.  I was also using an Apple program called Aperture, which was discontinued later that year.  What I like about this image is that you can almost draw a straight diagonal from the dad through his daughter to the setting sun.  The other part is that you can definitely tell this was shot at Golden Hour.
Picture Info
Mar 19, 2015
5:42 PM
Sony SLT-A65V
Tamron DT 18-270mm
18 mm
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